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Our garlic is grown at our farm without pesticides. The entire crop is hand planted, hand weeded, and hand harvested. Purchase individual bulbs or a mix pack. 

$1.00 / small bulb

$2.00 / medium bulb

$3.00 / large bulb

$7.00 / 1/2 lb bag of mixed varieties - various sizes. 

$12.00 / 1 lb bag of mixed varieties - various sizes.

Varieties for choose from:

Music: One of the most popular varieties of garlic. Strong when eaten raw, sweet when baked, and mild when cooked. Stores very well. Great for roasting.

Sweet Candy: A light sweet tasting garlic that will not overpower your dish. Great for fresh eating, salad dressings, and light cooking. 

Duganski: large bulbs with amazing flavour that is hot and fiery, but mellows in the after taste. This garlic has a violet stripped outer wrapper that protects the 7-10 cloves. Often known as the "Table Wine of Garlic".